February 4th, 2011
HOCD Solution

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HOCD is categorized as an individual whom is suffering already with OCD and subsequently begins to question his or her sexuality. To explain this further, HOCD is an acronym for Homosexual Obssesive Compulsive Disorder. These types of feelings are very confusing the sufferer given they can feel relaxed and happy in their current hetrosexual relationship whilst at the same time experiencing thoughts around the same sex. In this article we look in more detail about HOCD and what factors are more evident than others along with how sufferers can obtain the help and support they require.


The nature of Pure OCD changes depending on the individual but the main scenario that people experience is dealing with disturbing unwanted thoughts or questions that come to their minds. Some examples of this would be inappropriate thoughts in their head in regard to people such as murder or violence as well as anti-religious thoughts that can occur even if you are a religious person. People who deal with this kind of OCD find themselves questioning their very minds. They ask themselves things like “Am I really capable of that sort of thing?”, “Is that something that could actually happen?”, or “is that really the kind of person that I am?”.

People with Pure OCD experience a variety of different types. Some examples of this would be: an excessive amount of concern in regard to one’s health or safety or belief that they themselves are somehow guilty of possibly harming or having harmed someone. A person who questions their sexuality due to this kind of OCD which is also known as HOCD or “Homosexual OCD”, this kind of OCD gets them to question their sexuality even if they are more than clearly what they are, this can even happen while they are in a perfectly happy relationship.

Pure OCD can be alarming sometimes because the nature of thoughts that come to a given person’s mind. An example of this would be thoughts of violence or violent behavior. This scenario gets the sufferer thinking thoughts of possibly hurting themselves or someone else. Another example of this is when the sufferer has thoughts of harming a child or thoughts akin to pedophilia even though they actually don’t have such a proclivity. The nature of this kind of OCD, however, is that it is based in thought and not something that they would actually do in the majority of cases.

A factor regarding Pure OCD is that the sufferers generally appear like normal and actively functional people that live regular lives. These people, however, are oftentimes seeking out answers in regard to their thoughts which can likely exacerbate their symptoms because it likely will bring them no closer to the answer that they seek. This behavior can be very time consuming and will likely make a person miserable if continuing to do so. Constant answer seeking can be very stressful when it continually results in them being no closer to the answer they are seeking.

HOCD Diagnosis

Pure OCD is very often missed by doctors due to its nature of being mostly mental driven without many outward signs. The symptoms often resemble generalized anxiety disorder which puts the doctor on the wrong track in regard to what the sufferer may actually be dealing with. An unfortunate side effect of dealing with a therapist in regard to their symptoms is that they often try to offer them reassurance and try to help them gain a definitive answer to their problem which will only end up contributing to the intensity or length of the sufferer’s condition.

Men and women suffering with HOCD need not suffer alone. As we have seen, there are many complex facets to the disorder and only effective treatment and support can bring about positive outcomes for all concerned. If you believe you maybe suffering with HOCD then do seek out a medical professionals advice before taking on any home remedies or treatments.

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  1. tryingtogetback says:

    i’m stuck in a phase i can’t seem to get out of. please help. let me start by saying i’m seeing a therapist and i’m just gonna tell u everything i’ve told her. when i was little i had an experience with a cousin. i din’t know what the hell i was doing but i did it. few years later when i was like 11 or 12 i had an experience with a step brother. both these experiences resulted in touching. and the first experience, i don’t know if this happened or not, but something oral may have happened. i was 5 or 6 years old. early teen years i would masterbate A LOT and always to girls. but then one day when i was in junior high, my math/science teacher entered what i was masterbating to.

    i masterbated to that person several times. after that i started to feel really ashamed. i wondered if i was gay or not. note that thru this i had a girlfriend who i was very attracted to. note that i have also always had OCD since i could remember. so anyway i started to question myself and i got really down on myself. i kept thinking i don’t want to be gay and if i am i just want to die. well needless to say i got over it and throught the rest of my teenage years and all the way through high school i knew i was straight and i was happy and always had girlfriends. had a highschool sweetheart and was crushed after every breakup i was in. even though thoughts were always in the back of my mind, i always knew they werent true. i was young and clueless when all the other stuff happened.

    after highschool i started seeing another girl after me and my highschool sweetheart broke up. all we did was have sex, and it seemed to be all that i wanted. we dated but she broke up with me and i was crushed. i never got too attched to her so idk if i was afraid to be alone or what. that was 3 years ago. i am now 25 and havent had a girlfriend since then. the main reason though for being single isn’t bc of my thoughts, but instead bc i feel i can’t satisfy a girl, and that i have low self esteem and that i dont think i’m good enough. i’d love to get married to the right girl and have children one day, but i dont think anyone will accept me. in any sense, this brings me to the state of mind i’m in now. remember when i was a teenager and i got HOCD or was worried all the time? well for the first time since then, it’s back. everyday 27/7 i check and re-check to make sure i am straight. even thought i know i’m not gay i check and i check.

    i was fine til about 2 months ago then it hit me. i started reliving past experiences and thinking to myself bc those things happened, i must be gay. but i’m not gay, i don’t want to be gay, if i’m gay, i’ll kill myself. i have intrusive thoughts. everytime i see a guy i always ask myself would i do anything with that person. i always put myself in an oral thought, just to see if i can ppicture myself doing oral things to a man. and sometimes, idk if i like the thought or what but it disgusts me so i keep thinking til i realize no i wouldn’t ever do that. i don’t ever go out. i lock myself in the house all the time. i have no friends. i’m going through depression. badly and i need advice and help. my therapist says that i was an anxious kid and that what i did has no effect on who i am today. she says bc i have a past with ocd that this is HOCD controlling me and taking over. but still i have the thoughts. it’s destroying my life.

    i have these thoughts but in no way am i attracted to men. never have been, never will be. but still these thoughts make me think about these actions and make me think i like them. lately i have no sex drive and when i look at women, i get nothing. it’s like i’m dead or something. 2 months ago i would say damn, that girl is sexy as hell. now? nothing. i mean yeah i know they are beautiful but idk if it’s from the severe depression or what. all i remember is when i was a teenager i snapped out of it and i hope i do now too. the more i try to forget the worse the thoughts get. i think i’m also suffering from brain fog. and i just read brain fog can be caused by denail. that freaked me out. the brain fog got worse. i don’t feel alive. i don’t feel real. am i in denail. or is this HOCD? another thing is these last 2 weeks i have now started fearing i may act in a femine manner and i’m always making sure i don;t do things in a gay way.

    the way i sit down or the way i lift my arms. anthing. and if i feel i slightly do in any way, i think to myself, well i must be gay. BUT I’M NOT! can anybody help me on this situation. i was fine til about 2 months ago. years of happiness down the drain. please tell me this is HOCD. my therapist says it is but i need more. also, why do i get jumpy when around other guys like i’m afraid of something? and around girls i am really shy. well, i’ve always been shy. i’ve always been straight but i’ve always had ocd since i could remember and for the last few years i’ve had males pop up in my head when doing a job at work or anything and i would just redo that job until i thought of a girl or another pleasant thought. but now for the past few weeks, i’m experiencing brain fog and derealization or whatever and now instead of me just replacing the intrusive thought with a pleasant one, i now purposely make myself think of another male and try to picture myself with that person if i would do anything just to make sure i wouldnt. and whenever i feel i might like the thought i get really depressed and just think i might be ***… u know. can anybody help me with this?